What Is Inflation

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Inflation, it’s a big word. What does it mean? I’m here to give you a simple talk, hopefully no longer than one paragraph. So here goes…

How does money become so worthless that you can’t buy anything with it? Governments have more money printed to meet the wants and needs of the country. During campaigning politicians make promises they can not afford to fill without either raising taxes or printing money. When money becomes less valuable, because there is more of it, people demand to be paid more. When wages go up, product cost rises. When cost rises, the whole spiral begins again. My art teacher, an older lady, told me when she was a kid, she could go to a movie, get popcorn 🍿, and a drink for only a quarter.

Here is a kid friendly, 5 minute youtube video that explains it pretty clearly.

to my mom who helped me summarize.

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