The Dictator Said So

The leaders erected an idol and publicly worshiped it on the evening talk shows. They bowed down kissing the floor and chanting “Fear, Fear, Great All Powerful, Fear Attempt to Protect Us.” Can you guess its name? It was Fear. Obeying Fear people stopped hugging, shaking hands, and having family get togethers because it was dangerous. Instead, many people practiced a strange ritual celebrating Fear and attempting…

Fluffy Turtle Monster

Scientific Name: Viridi Turtur Other Names: Fluffy Turtle, Turdy Description:Long neck, turtle shell, Staring eyes, pointy ears, fluffy body, single strand of hair Colors: Green, and Brown Location: The island of Strangebrain Size: Viridi Turtur are reportedly about the size of a llama. This monster is basically just a fuzzy turtle, however I kind of thought of himContinue reading “Fluffy Turtle Monster”