Fluffy Turtle Monster

Scientific Name: Viridi Turtur Other Names: Fluffy Turtle, Turdy Description:Long neck, turtle shell, Staring eyes, pointy ears, fluffy body, single strand of hair Colors: Green, and Brown Location: The island of Strangebrain Size: Viridi Turtur are reportedly about the size of a llama. This monster is basically just a fuzzy turtle, however I kind of thought of himContinue reading “Fluffy Turtle Monster”

My Prancing Monster

Scientific Name: Potandum Cabriole Other Names: Prancing Monster Description: Striped legs and tail, Long neck, Swirl pattern on the hind quarters, Constant smile, Staring eyes, Antenna, Leaf shaped ears Colors: Yellow, Orange, and Blue Location: The island of Strangebrain I drew this monster with a pen and colored pencils. To buy My Prancing Monster go to REDBUBBLE

The Flowerpot Monster

A while back I created a monster I think represents gardening. It is a fluffy worm wearing a boot, and gardening gloves. I have been creating monsters and this is one of my good ones. Scientific Name: Flore Potandum Other Names: Flowerpot Monster, Daisy Description: Caterpillar like, One leg with a boot (boot colors varyContinue reading “The Flowerpot Monster”