The Dictator Said So

 I do not personally remember the events of which I am about to tell you, but trusted friends and relatives have offered to fill in the details and helped compile this history. During the pandemic some of them joined the rebellion while others fought hard in the brain washing thinking that they were doing the right thing. Please so not judge them for the past as it was a dark and confusing time in not only the nation but the world. For the safety of my witnesses, I have changed the names. Please ponder the proceeding words carefully because nothing but a sincere care and hope that this account might help you would ever draw such dark accounts from my pen.

 Once upon a time there was a pandemic. When it began the only thing, people knew about it was that it was man made making it unusually dangerous and that it could infect through the eyes, mouth, and nose. Everyone was concerned. Because the virus was so new no one knew what to do. Wild speculation and frantic scientific research were conducted. The TV’s blared out fear. People looked down at their phones only to find more helpings of fear. The social leaders shouted in frantic voices “Remain Calm! Nothing is the matter!” After several weeks they were frantically shouting something different. “Don’t touch each other! Remain six feet apart! Flatten the curve! “Everyone was confused. Because of this false and control hungry people who had no morals took over.

The leaders erected an idol and publicly worshiped it on the evening talk shows. They bowed down kissing the floor and chanting “Fear, Fear, Great All Powerful, Fear Attempt to Protect Us.” Can you guess its name? It was Fear. Obeying Fear people stopped hugging, shaking hands, and having family get togethers because it was dangerous. Instead, many people practiced a strange ritual celebrating Fear and attempting to maintain a six-foot distance between themselves and the rest of humanity. Others locked themselves inside and ordered necessaries online. It was a serious time which should have encouraged much thought. I believe it did, but proper mental direction can fog any mind and when the fog settles the ideas left over are like cement stuck fast, hard, and grey.

 No one knew how to protect themselves properly, so people began trying things. Some wore masks, heavy duty masks, the kind that is used to protect you from allergies when you mow the lawn. Others wore surgical masks but those did not seem very protective as there were multiple places where they mask came away from the face. Many people were going so far as to wear gloves and a few even wore goggles to protect their eyes. Strangely there was apparently not much rational thought because my mom has showed my pictures which show people who were eating food with gloves on. You might as well have not worn any gloves at all. Other pictures revealed people driving in their cars by themselves with goggles on.

 The social leaders, politicians, businessmen, actors, and even some of the inventors had large meetings, excitedly discussing how to enforce Fear worship. Dr. Foochi who was in charge stepped up to the occasion with a plan, and the DCD (Department of Control and Dictatorship) concocted articles saying, “Goggles do not protect you from the virus because we say so!” but when the same people wrote saying “Goggles are lifesavers!” no one knew what to think. Dr. Foochi put their fears at rest when he wrote “If you do not wear them, you are helping commit murder! We say so. You should too because not agreeing with us or questioning us makes you a despicable human being.” The new president smiled on and said, “My bud Foochi is saying some pretty profound things. If you don’t agree, you’re just a lying dog faced pony soldier.”

 The Dark Zuckerberg obediently censored all questions and unique ideas. Several well-meaning civilians posted articles which they had discovered talking about alternate cures. These cures were harmless even if they had not worked, but they did, and tests were proving so. The Dark Zuckerberg took the posts off Space Book and put them into neat little files. Files with people’s names on them. He was compiling evidence against free thinkers. I know this because an uncle of mine was a programmer for Space Book and told me about it. When people demanded to know why their posts were gone The Dark Zuckerberg mechanically quoted “You all need a reeducation, you all need mind control, your all just another brick in the wall.”

 After that Dr. Foochi and the DCD forced stores, schools, restaurants, cities, and whole states to fallow a list of rules on how to stay safe and you guessed it, the excuse when asked for an explanation was “Dr. Foochi said so.” The rules were as fallows.

  1. Wear goggles.
  2. Stay six feet apart.
  3. Do not buy anything that is not needed when you are in public.
  4. Do not look for cures.
  5. Do not meet in groups.
  6. Do not talk to people about unique ideas.
  7. Fallow the rules and do not be selfish.
  8. Above all do not even think about thinking.

 Children attended school but because of the rules were rigidly forced to maintain a six-foot distance and wear goggles all day long. Instead of the pledge of allegiance they were forced to memorize a pledge to obey orders. It went “I pledge allegiance to the Rules of the Collective States of America and to the Dictatorship for which it stands One Collective under Foochi one and possibly divisible with conformed thought for all. “In my father’s school three children who refused to pledge were sent to In School Suspension. When they came back, they did not attempt to descent again. Marching down the hall the children heard a strange whispering chant coming from the ac vents it ran “You all need a reeducation. You all need some mind control. Your all just another brick in the wall.”

 When people went to the grocery store, they were stopped at the door and forced to wear the unseemly goggles. A man in my grandfather’s town calmly refused to wear them and in return the store called the police. He was arrested and some of his old friends began bad mouthing him on Space Book. In fact, many people began bad mouthing anyone who dared to question the goggles. everyone marched through the stores still maintaining a six-foot distance. The goggles were colored gray and changed the way people perceived things. This was something people who wore them did not know until years later. Because they wore the goggles so much, they did not even realize that they were gray. All the radios in the stores had stopped playing music a long time ago. Instead, the played the words “because I said so.”

 On TV the news anchors continued to loudly worship fear. They broadcasted videos of people dying from the disease and pulled up charts graphing the death count but suppressed the natural cures. Strangely the numbers had not changed since the “NECESSARY” addition of the goggles. They then showed videos of people without goggles walking around. I the background a deep scary voice was saying “These are the people who question Dr. Foochi’s methods. They will tell you innocent civilians, that “goggles don’t work.” They will try to “HELP” you with dangerous medications that do not work. They do not care about people at risk. You need to avoid them. Cancel them. Ignore them. Remember what they do is wrong because we are right.”

At first most people fallowed all of the rules trying to protect one another but after two months when people began to ask when the rules would be gone Dr. Foochi said “You may not stop now because when a vaccine is ready you may stop. Maybe”. People continued sacrificing on the altar of Fear. They wore the goggles around the clock. They did not question. They isolated themselves. At first it was conscious but as time wore on it became a way of life and people began to forget what it was like to make their own decisions. The vaccine came out and people gathered to inject an unknown liquid into their arms. Foochi and Will Gates (a businessman who was deeply involved in the vaccine project) smiled and watched, but still did not allow people to take off the goggles.

As time went on though not as many people were getting vaccines as had been anticipated. Surprisingly only a small percentage actually got the vaccine. This was when my grandparents told me the realized that they were not alone in questioning the government. They began meeting with friends in the basement. Whispering together they discovered that none of them had taken it because they all had the same concerns. Each of them began asking other friends and as they discovered barely anyone had taken it. The group started meeting at the park and a couple of the members who dared to remove the goggles told the group “The sun is so bright, and the flowers are so blue.”

My grandfather Bernard who was filled with courage began to stroll around without his goggles. He had forgotten how bright the world was. While the goggles had been on everything was a greyish puke color. He began to look around him. People were disbelievingly staring at him, but he did not car. Suddenly it struck him that all those people were seeing gray because of the miserable goggles, because of Dr. Foochi’s silly rules. It was spring and the only color which they could see was grey.

 That was when my grandparents and their friends started actively protesting the Because I Said So Movement. Many of their friends who were not in the unvaxed group and were brainwashed started attacking them on social media, trying to make them conform. At the time it was startling to my grandparents because they did not mean any harm. They were trying to help. Ironically, the people who were already “SAFE” and vaccinated were the ones fighting the hardest for continued goggle use. One would think that because they were already safe, they would have given it up, but that was not the case. They were fearful and thought it was their responsibility to ensure other people’s safety, but it was not. People should not have to be responsible for other adults. That is a hefty weight that no man can bear.

About this time some information came out showing that Dr. Foochi had been funding the creation of the virus. He had been paying China to experiment with it. This information was suppressed on and on every social media platform including Space Book. Crusher Carlson as well as Brand Paul senator of Kentucky publicly met with Dr. Foochi to demand some answers. Foochi beat around the bush and attempted to make his inquisitors feel bad for questioning his actions. He used so many words that his meaning was muddled but he acted as though he made perfect sense. At first, he said “Of course I didn’t fund the creation of this virus!” When they said he was lying he replied “I never lie. You can trust my word because I say so.” After further questioning he said “I only funded research! I didn’t fund the virus.” “Why” asked Brand Paul “did you support China and give away U.S. information for their study? China is one of America’s enemies. What kind of twisted person are you?” “The kind you can trust.” said Dr. Foochi with a clearly attempted wise smile.

Thousands of people watched that discussion and as freedom took root in their brains and broke up the cement of bad ideas, they posted it on Space Book. The Dark Zuckerberg took it down over and over, but people just kept posting it and posting it. Finally, people began to see just who they were fallowing. The funder of the creation of the deathly virus was telling them how to handle it. That day many people ripped off the goggles because of distrust and were rewarded with a pretty world again. Things did not look so gray anymore. They publicly denounced fear, of what people thought.

 People began triumphantly marching in the street chanting for change. Others who had locked themselves inside because of the virus looked out of their windows and smiled. Everyone was tired of gray. I was time for change! New life! My parents and grandparents were there that day and say that it was one of the most freeing moments in their lives. People hugged each other, no longer afraid. There was laughing and crying as people broke free.

 The people marched to the news station and standing in front of the camera they burned the idol. Suddenly everyone was released and the people who were still worried excitedly ripped off their enslaving goggles too and danced. Because of the censorship everyone stopped using Space Book and took their business elsewhere. Under a fare jury and trial Dr. Foochi and Will Gates were sentenced to a life in prison. Because I said so may work as an excuse for a little while, but if caried on too long people eventually demand answers.

 Now in our time we take for granted our numerous rights, but things have not always been that way. Tyranny approaches slyly but rules with an iron fist. During that time people nearly lost their rights. My grandparents who taught me how to keep this kind of thing in check, lived it. All you must do if your government is acting unjustly is think for yourself. Do not ever agree to “Because I said so.” Free speech and thought hold itself in check. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

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I am an art enthusiast who loves many forms of art such as watercolor, drawing, writing, and much more. Here on my blog, I try to show a snippet of my hobbies and artistic endeavors. My life vision is to turn everything into an artistic version of itself, living a life that allows me to be the person God made me to be, and do my best work. Quote of the month "To see the person you will be in 5 years, examine the books you read, the TV shows you watch, and the friends you keep. They will show you a reflection of your future." - a wise person.

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