5 Weird Facts About Movies

Here are a few more weird facts for you people out there who enjoy such facts.

  1. Darth Vader’s wheeze was made by some one breathing through a scuba mask.
  2. Oscar the Grouch was originally purple in the drawings of him. He evolved into orange, and finally green.
  3. George Lucas made a Star Wars Holiday Special. People who have seen it don’t like it at all. It was so bad, it never made it much farther than the Television. You can find it on YouTube.
  4. In the making of the Lord Of The Rings movies, several actors got hurt. Legolas fell off of his horse, and was landed on by Gimli. Samwise Gamgee stepped on a shard of glass, that made him go to the hospital. Gimli had allergic reactions to the cosmetics every day. Last but not least, Aragorn broke his toe kicking an ork helmet.
  5. Early designs for Pascal from Tangled were blue and purple.
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