The Aurora Borealis


I painted the northern lights at art class a few months back. My art teacher showed me how to paint it. I had not done pine trees in a while so she had to show me how to do that again. They are allot more tricky than you would think. The background however was very simple. I am going to list the steps to do a painting like this.

  1. Dampen your paper. You may need to re dampen it later if it dries out.
  2. Choose your colors and mix them. I used Alizarin Crimson, Cad Scarlet, Cad Yellow Deep, and Antwerp.
  3. Pick up your first color with your brush gently mush it onto the damp paper. Repeat this with all of you colors making sure not to mix them. Allow the colors to run.
  4. Sprinkle salt on your wet colors, and wait for your painting to dry.
  5. When your painting has dried brush the salt away and gaze upon your stars.
  6. Find a pine tree tutorial and paint them over your background.

Variation: Choose sunset type colors and do not add salt. After the background has dried paint palm trees or whatever else you want.

I have this painting available on REDBUBBLE.

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I am an art enthusiast who loves many forms of art such as watercolor, drawing, writing, and much more. Here on my blog, I try to show a snippet of my hobbies and artistic endeavors. My life vision is to turn everything into an artistic version of itself, living a life that allows me to be the person God made me to be, and do my best work. Quote of the month "To see the person you will be in 5 years, examine the books you read, the TV shows you watch, and the friends you keep. They will show you a reflection of your future." - a wise person.

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