A Man of Principle (story #3)

When my Grandpa Wilson was only 5, a friend of his offered to pay him a nickel to go beat up a cousin. My grandpa accepted, because in the early 50’s a nickel was a respectable coin, and could by a Coca-Cola or a candy bar. The 5 year-old trudged almost two miles and finally got to the house that contained his target. He knocked on the door and when the kid opened my grandpa said “I was payed a nickel to beat you up.” The kid who was probably about 7 but was a wimp and said, “I’ll pay you a dime, not to beat me up.” My grandpa thought a moment and then replied “No. I’m a man of my principle.” The kid, seeing that this approach wasn’t working, somehow found a way to talk my grandpa out of beating him up. My grandpa walked all the way back and gave his client’s nickel back. He was, and still is “a man of principle”.

I am writing a short true story every day. Check my blog tomorrow to read the next one.

Published by brainchildgalore

I am an art enthusiast who loves many forms of art such as watercolor, drawing, writing, and much more. Here on my blog, I try to show a snippet of my hobbies and artistic endeavors. My life vision is to turn everything into an artistic version of itself, living a life that allows me to be the person God made me to be, and do my best work. Quote of the month "To see the person you will be in 5 years, examine the books you read, the TV shows you watch, and the friends you keep. They will show you a reflection of your future." - a wise person.

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