Nemesis (story #21)

When my dad was seven he had a nemesis. Well not exactly a nemesis so much as a bully, because dad never fought back. He would be walking around the naborhood, when the bully would walk up and pound him. One day, finally fed up with it all Dad decided to consult his best friend Cornelius. Cornelius was from the ghetto, and didn’t take no guff. My dad and Cornelius had a symbiotic relationship in which dad would make him laugh and Cornelius would protect my dad. Cornelius advised my dad to beat the bully up.

Together they walked to the bully’s usual hangout spot. They found him practicing beating a tree up with sticks. My dad stepped forward and stated his intention of fighting The bully grinned dropped his sticks and stepped up to the challenge. My dad began blindly swinging with his fists, not knowing how to fight. When he finally looked up, his nemesis was on the ground with a black eye and a bloody nose. He never beat my dad up again.

Published by brainchildgalore

I am an art enthusiast who loves many forms of art such as watercolor, drawing, writing, and much more. Here on my blog, I try to show a snippet of my hobbies and artistic endeavors. My life vision is to turn everything into an artistic version of itself, living a life that allows me to be the person God made me to be, and do my best work. Quote of the month "To see the person you will be in 5 years, examine the books you read, the TV shows you watch, and the friends you keep. They will show you a reflection of your future." - a wise person.

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