I want to be a successful writer, which is why about 3 or 4 weeks ago I said I would post a story every day. I have been writing stories consistently, but am realizing that this is not meeting my goal of becoming a great writer. I was hoping that doing this would increase my ability to tell stories, but I am finding that it is doing the opposite, as I am trying to rush to finish them quickly, instead of working on one for a few days. I will continue to write every day, but will not be posting as often. Probably once a week. I feel that the quality of my work has gone down and that I will truly meet my goal by writing stories for myself and posting the best ones. Last night, instead of writing a story on my blog as usual, I started writing in a composition notebook for myself. The words flew more smoothly and I think the prep work in my notebook will make for better quality on my blog.

Published by brainchildgalore

I am an art enthusiast who loves many forms of art such as watercolor, drawing, writing, and much more. Here on my blog, I try to show a snippet of my hobbies and artistic endeavors. My life vision is to turn everything into an artistic version of itself, living a life that allows me to be the person God made me to be, and do my best work. Quote of the month "To see the person you will be in 5 years, examine the books you read, the TV shows you watch, and the friends you keep. They will show you a reflection of your future." - a wise person.

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