T Shirt Store featuring my original artwork. More to come very soon. Follow links to Amazon.


Rain Girl $19.99

I designed this after being inspired by Pinterest. I used random paint laying around. The reason I say random was because I used fabric paint, wood paint, acrylic paint, pretty much anything laying around. Now this just happens to be my blog logo. This is proof, that if you just sit down, and use what is on hand, you can make cool stuff. Available in blue, white, pink, and green.



Don’t Be The Bird $18.99

Don’t Be The Bird. Think Things Through. This t shirt is meant to remind people to watch there step in this world. Get into Gods Word and pray. That will help us not be the bird Available in white, blue, yellow, gray, and pink.

don't be bird t-shirt M




I love Nessie (otherwise known as the Loch Ness Monster). For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a monster that lives in a lake called Loch Ness, in Scotland. It sounds a bit far fetched but I have done extensive research and believe that the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) is real. Available in white, blue, and gray.




Watercolor Buffalo Painting $17.99

I did this panting with a small brush, light blue, blue, dark blue, and purple. After tracing a basic outline I did tiny strokes with my brush and this was the result. I did several more that did well to, and may make t-shirts of them too some day. Available in white, and silver gray.



Cool Because I’m Weird $16.99

According to one t-shirt in my wardrobe “Weird is a side effect of awesome”. I love this quote! Recently when playing around on the designing website I use, I found this template. It had different words, but those were easily changed, and after adding in the mustache and pupils for the eyes it was complete. Be a good WEIRD… Available in yellow, white, blue, and orange.

Cool because

Important Update: I am now posting on REDBUBBLE hence I will be putting the links to my merch at the bottom of my art posts. In other words I will not be putting so much on the My Store Page. Also I will not be on Amazon much anymore.





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