Monster Art

fjhfdsdasasI drew this thing a while back and had allot of fun. Someone in my school asked if I could draw a giraffe and I said I’d try. After doing the skinny neck the head and the ears I drew the eyes. They looked so strange that wanting my picture to be stranger, I changed it even more and here we are.

Name: Wagle Footed FluFlu

Other Names: Fluey

Description:  Giraffe like, with many legs, and a monkey like head.

Colors: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Teal, and Purple

Location: The island of Strangebrain

Now I draw creatures like this one on purpose. Most of them however are not as good. My idea is to start posting those. I am not a huge writer. The other day someone wanted to see my art so I pulled up my blog and had to scroll almost all the way to the bottom to show them much. That didn’t seem right to me as my biggest hobby is art. I have decided to post more about art. I have allot of monsters in stock so you may see some more here soon.


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