Watercolor Rabbits


First I drew this in pencil, then did watercolor. After I finished painting, I traced it with pen.

There Was an Old Person who’s Habits


There was an old person who’s habit’s induced him to feed app-on rabbits when he’d eaten 18 he turned perfectly green upon which he relinquished those habits.

Some Differences Between Girls and Boys


There is not a distinction made between girls and boys anymore in our culture. But I am
really noticing some differences!

Some differences between boys and girls.

1. When girls insult each other they are arch enemies. When boys insult
each other they are best frends.

2. Girls have an outfit for every day of the year.
Boys have an outfit for every two months. (exaggerating a little)


3. Here is what you find in a girl’s text.


Here is what you find in a boy’s text.


Gotta go.

4. Girls want dolls, diaries, music, art supplies, bows.
Boys want nerf guns, airsoft guns, remote controlled tanks, Xbox.

5. Girls use blocks to make castles. Boys use blocks to destroy girls

6. Girls talk about cute guys, with the exception of me. I have no idea
what guys talk about! No, no, I take that back! Guys talk about video
games, computers, dumb little kids movies they don’t like, and the
newest models of nerf guns.

There are many exceptions to this, these are just carbon copies of
some people I know.



WHAT IS PragerU?

I go to a website once a week (when I remember to) called PragerU. This website has videos on important matters. Though there are different kinds of people, some of whom I don’t see eye to eye with, they all have important ideas to share.

One man came on and talked about how we should not give kids awards just for participating but for winning. After all we don’t play sports to loose do we? This man  plays in the Olympics now! He said in college his soccer coach left him on the bench which inspired him to do better. Like I said, he now plays for the Olympics.

Another man came on and talked about how we can change ourselves, not others. Think about it, if every one fallowed his advice, the world we live in would be a lot better. I am not saying I follow his advice perfectly but I am going to try.

Go to PragerU today!





Christmas Oranges

I recently watched Christmas Oranges. The story is very interesting but may cause you some tears. I enjoyed this movie and think it is a family friendly film. There is no bad language or anything inappropriate in this film. The movie shows what kindness can do and how anger can destroy. Over all I say  this movie  gives good life lessons, is family friendly, and enjoyable.

I hope you enjoy CHRISTMAS ORANGES. Leave your comments and reviews on this movie below, and have a very merry Christmas.

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