How To Use Your Time To Become Creative

 Never before has it been so easy to have a child sit still for hours at a time. In fact some kids are starting to drop their creativity, to sit down. Kid’s no longer go outside and play in the mud. That is too messy. And according to when you go to the park …

5 Weird Facts About Movies

Here are a few more weird facts for you people out there who enjoy such facts. Darth Vader’s wheeze was made by some one breathing through a scuba mask. Oscar the Grouch was originally purple in the drawings of him. He evolved into orange, and finally green. George Lucas made a Star Wars Holiday Special.Continue reading “5 Weird Facts About Movies”

What Every Sibling and Parent Needs to Know About Getting Along

 Maybe your kid’s fight, a lot. Maybe you fight with your sibling’s, a lot. My brother and I used to fight, a lot. Mom was fed up with us. She had a friend who gave her some advice on what to do. Mom  was going to do something drastic.